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My Story

WOA Hall of Fame    


2006  Linda Meredith

2006  Malcolm Boyles


Official of the Year

2006 Joe Thompson

2005 Stacy Brodzik

1999 Kellie Feterly


WOA Meritorious Service Award


1966 Frank Fidler

1968 Ole DesVoigne, Pop Hagerty

1971 Charlie Moffett, Tom Sifferman Sr. 

1974 Nick Scapelli

1976 Steve Doutrich, Bill Fette, Jim Morrison, Al Rossi, Doyle Winter

1977 Bruce Prescott

1980 Frank Bosone,Charlie Koon,  Charlie Files, Joe Riseland, Al Starkenburg, John Sullivan, Steve Wilson

1982 Al Angel, Darryl Zenter

1983  Ron Lawrence, Perry Wilkens

1984 Jim Allen, Steve Cottnair, Tom Petchel, Tom Sifferman Jr. 

1985 Rosemary Mclaughlin, Mike McKay, Linda Meredith, Al Murch Ron Omori

1988 John Anthony

1995 Bob Ames, Bruce Bierman, Dick Deal, Scott Fetterly, Paul Henderson, Joe Jarvie,   John Lindsey, Al Murch, Ted Oreiro, Rodney Thornley

2000 Bob Holloway

2003 Brooks Schomburg, Craig Wolstad

2004 Bob Cason

2005  Gary Boyle, Carol Carlisle Kellie Fetterly, Scott Hileman, John Lindsey, Kenny MacDougall, Joe Thompson, Woody Woodruff

2007 Ira Dunbar, Robert Carter, Drew Hendel, Jim Schneider, Velko Vitalich

2009 Mike Saito

2010  Casey Davidson, Phil Hunt, Matt Mason, Jerry Menesse,Warren Morrison, Gary Quantz, Any Reiswig, Steve Turcotte

2011 Dave Zilstra 

2013 Lezley Smith, Craig Tamaki

2014 Mike Llyod, Lynn Cogner, Kevin Nishkawa

2015 Riaz Kanji

2016 Dave Augustavo

2020 Jason Capps


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